Motorcycle gloves are used for several reasons as race suits are. Gloves can either be waterproofWinterRacingTouring or summer gloves. Racing gloves are different from working gloves as they are long to cover the entire wrist. Racing gloves are over the sleeves of the race suit to protect the rider while riding.

Comfort and protection, these are top priority requirement’s of the motorcyclist and each rider demand it either it is on road or off-road. For comfort and protection ventilation of gloves are important these things will help you to make your grip stronger.

On Motolet there is a wide range of gloves available in stock. You can choose gloves according to the season from Motolet’s large collection. Our maximum number of gloves have CE approved protections.

Leather Racing Gloves is the best choice if you want to enjoy your ride with protection. Racing gloves provide you comfort during the ride. They have good ventilation and CE approved protectors. A motorcycle rider is always near to danger, so professionals priority is protection. On Motolet wide collection of motorcycle leather, racing gloves are available

Waterproof Gloves are specially designed for motorcycle rider when they need to ride in the rain. It is obvious that riding in the rain will get your hands wet and you feel uncomfortable while riding. If your hands are wet, then you would not be able to focus on riding. Waterproof gloves are designed to make your journey safe and easy. With Waterproof gloves, you can ride freely and comfortably in the rain. These gloves give you comfort and protection both at the same time you will get the huge range of waterproof gloves at Motolet.

Winter Gloves give you same comfort and protection as Leather racing gloves. In winter gloves, a plus point is that these gloves make your hand’s temperature normal. The special thermal material used in winter gloves makes your hand warm in winter.

Summer Gloves are specially made for summer. In these gloves, pursuit stealth is used which helps to save your hand from being wet. Air crosses net and makes your hand comfortable. Their shape is designed according to your hand for optimum comfort. A plastic guard protects the knuckle area, and the palm is protected by an additional layer of leather for additional protection

Touring Gloves are made for those riders who want to the ride in the city but they want strong grip as well. These specifical design for city riders. You can say urban gloves are made according to fashion and protection. These gloves are made of goatskin and palm is reinforced to offer additional safety during riding. For additional protection, TPU panels are not used instead of these protections come from soft inserts on the knuckles and the back of the hand.